The Benefits of Hiring A Garden Designer

Why spend money and time on a garden?


1. Sophia will make you a garden with flair and imagination

YET: She will have analysed the contours, soil, prevailing wind, shade and more, to ensure that the garden you get suits your site.

2. Sophia will make you a garden that you will want to use.

BECAUSE: She will understand your needs, having discussed them with you at length.

3. Sophia will make you a garden that will enhance your property.

ALTHOUGH: You may find that once the garden looks so good, that you want to improve your home…

4. You will make your garden too.

BUT: with no hassle or worry, as Sophia will plan it carefully and thoroughly; appoint good contractors, and oversee the build and planting; all with your desired level of input and budget control.

5. You will not be “tied to the lawnmower”.

SINCE: Sophia will design your garden to suit your gardening desires.

Do you love to garden? Sophia will find you inspirational plants.

Do you love to relax? You can have a low-maintenance dream.

OR: Have the best of both worlds: Let Sophia’s Gardens find a maintenance team to do the work for you and you can relax yet still have those fantastic borders you see in the magazines.

6. So, choosing Sophia’s Gardens to create your new garden means that you will be expressing your own personality in a beautiful space that is easy to use.

AND: using the professionals means professional results.

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