Plantsman’s Spiral Front Garden

“You don’t know what a difference you have made…”


These capable clients wanted a garden that would be secure, yet welcoming and attractive; have year round colour in a traditional informal style, yet with a modern feel to blend their modern house into its environment.
They wanted to retain some lawn but to increase the interest by extending the flower beds. They liked cottage garden-styles and also architectural planting along with perennials and grasses.

Garden Issues

The planting in all the front gardens of the street was meant to be low and open.
There was a large cherry tree in the lawn, whose roots had risen to the surface and caused problems with mowing.
Access to the house was only from the drive to the side. When cars are parked in the drive, space to walk to the front door was restricted. The planting would have to be low and soft or smooth in this area.


A sense of enclosure was to be created with a hedge of Cornus which could be kept low and loosely pruned.

The square lawn was turned into a spiral, creating a journey alongside the flowerbeds from the front door to the centre and back again, all within the same small space. The lawn itself is beautiful in winter when the flowers are gone. Stepping stones amidst herbs were placed from the drive to the lawn.

The planting was largely herbaceous and bulbs so that there would be spectacular colours from spring to autumn, with a backbone of multi-season shrubs such as Viburnum opulus and Physocarpus opulifolius “Dart’s Gold”.