Hi, I’m Sophia!

I’ve created this blog to put on examples of my gardens and little useful bits of info that can’t fit onto my web page.

I’ve been designing for quite a while now; along the way I bacame really interested in designing playful spaces; quirky and individual.

I love: Roses; Hardwood decking; the Colour combinations of lime green and dark purple, and orange and violet-purple; Creating a sense of enclosure within openess; Japanese maples; the Garden of Cosmic Speculation; Water in a garden; Pictorial meadows; Northumbria in Bloom; Verbena bonariensis.

FYI, if you hover over the photos you will see a little info.


I dislike: Snails eating my beloved hostas; Claustrophobic outdoor spaces; Bare soil between plants; Bad bedding; Concrete pavers in unnatural colours; Bindweed and ground elder…


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